Why Desert Safari Excursion is a highlight in Dubai – Not to be missed!

There are tons you could see and do in Dubai –  Shopping, visiting Theme Parks,being up close with the tallest Building in the World- are just some of those things that are mandatory when in Dubai. However, there’s an excursion that you should not miss- The Desert Safari Tour in which a lot of people have this in there bucket list, including mine.

My shadow is doing the Sun Dance ritual. LOL

We booked our Dubai Trip with Royal Kites Travel and Tours as they offer the most competitive price with a lot of inclusion. One of the inclusion was the Desert Safari tour that they really take pride on. There are tons of local travel agency that you can book online or even vouchers that are available in Dubai however I have talked with few of my friends in Dubai about there Desert Safari experiences, and none of them has the same experience and inclusion as ours so I guess, we booked onoe at the right operators. I will explain more about it below.

A lot have said that If you miss it, its like you’ve never been to Dubai. So, here are the reasons why you should try it:

1. Sand dune bashing with 4×4 Land Cruiser

Desert Safari Excursion will start at 3pm. We were picked up at our hotel with a recent Toyota Land Cruiser. Being picked up by a new modeled Land Cruiser was already a good impression. We traveled from Dubai to the desert Sand Dunes around an hour before we started our sand dune bashing.

Lots of Land Cruisers!

Driving through the ever changing dunes; weaved through the trackless desert, tackling both low and high dunes was very liberating. Stop for a breather and soft refreshments before you set off again. This adventure safari is suited to the discerning outdoor adventure enthusiast and nature lover.

This the video I recorded during our Sand Dune Bashing, it is not as scary anymore than the first part, since my mom begged the driver already to slow it down.. Pfft..:

And this is what I think it looked like on the first part (Credit to the owner of the video):

2. Discover the vast desert of Dubai

This is how wide the desert is!

The Desert is as wide and as far as you can see. The 4×4 jeep will stop for a break in the middle of the desert so you can mesmerize the beauty of the desert during sunset.

Desert Sunset. Stunning!

3. Ride a Camel

While, it is quite common to ride a horse, riding a camel isn’t. After the sand dune bashing, you will be heading to the safari camp wherein you’ll get the chance to ride this gentle creature that’s been in side by side with human for ages and have a quick photo op.

4. Spectacular Entertainment by Professional Performers

Jaw dropping performers will entertain the guests. The camp itself is huge and caters a lot of tourist, you will be seated depending on the type of tour you got. I’ve heard there are budget types and the VIP types. Budget types are those seated at the back portion as well as in the balcony. However, VIP types are the ones seated near the stage.

I have seen quite a few Fire Dance Performances, but this is way above those:

This is another one unique Dance, The Traditional Mediterranean Tandori Dance:

While having dinner, there are 3 main performers that will entertain the crowd- Fire Dancing, Belly Dancing and the Traditional Mediterranean Tandori Dance. I also heard some tours only offers 2 performances. We were told that we have the best type of tour.

5. Mouthwatering Buffet Barbecue Dinner

A tour is not complete without food! and since we are in a desert, the set up is also a picnic type, so it means unlimited Mediterranean Barbecue.!! Yum! And what’s more, we have server in every table that we did not have to stand up to get our food. Definitely a VIP treatment.!


We ended our night with a Bang! An experience all in one! If you ever got the chance to visit Dubai, might as well get a desert Safari tour that has a comprehensive inclusion! Yet another Bucketlist ticked!

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