My Take on Luxury Yacht Cruise in Dubai – A must Experience!

Travelling to Dubai for a quick vacation was not as cheap as I expected it to be but I was able to budget it. As what would other blogs says ” Dubai is not a cheap place to visit”. I mean, if you ask me, who would not want to lavishly spend there trip here? Dubai is the City of Gold that you can find all forms of luxury. Be it a luxury mall, a 7 star hotel, first class transportation services, you name it all, Dubai has it! So when you plan to visit Dubai, yes you can budget, but I would advise you to at least splurge a little.

When I visited Dubai last January 2017, I have the opportunity to experience to ride a luxury yacht cruising through the Arabian sea and witness the beauty of Dubai City Lights at night by the sea.

lets get it on.

I had actually no idea how much a luxury yacht cruise tour costs when we experienced it. I did not bother to ask, but when got back here in the Philippines, it made me curious as to how much would it cost in boarding a luxury yacht for a cruise. So, I researched about it and found out that for a 2 hour Yacht cruise tour in a small yacht,the price would be around 900-1,500 AED depending on the agency or company. That’s about 13,000php in Philippine money.! Whew! 😅

I was lucky enough that our yacht cruise experience was sponsored and was given to me as complimentary.

Where to try this? What company?

We have this chance to ride with Elite Pearl Charter. Elite Pearl Charter is the UAE Charter Specialist, that provides crewed luxury yachts, Mega Yachts, Super Yacht Charter, Sailing Yachts and Catamarans within Arabian Gulf Waters. Finest Mega Yachts and Boats in the Region, with most competitive prices and Elite Luxury Services. As well as a Free Independent and Professional Advice with personalized friendly service. More details about there contact information will be posted at the end.


We were only four at that time, so we got the smaller Yacht. The Yacht we got was the Oryx that could hold up to 10 guests.


We had the 8-10pm schedule. We boarded the Yacht at around 8:15pm at Marina Port. It was a port full of luxury Yachts. I felt so blessed that I’d be able to experience it for free. I do not even know If I would be able to get this chance ever again.😊

before we set sail..=)

Anyway, once we boarded, we were already so amazed that even with the size of the yacht, it has a superb interior. The rooms looks like you’re in a Hotel Suite Room. It has 1 master’s bedroom, another 2-single bed room, a dining area, a kitchen and a toilet! All of us were like kids feeling everything in the area! hahahha.😁

This is what the interior looks like:

You can imagine how happy my parents were by there smiles. =)

And So our cruise began, the view of the stunning skyscrapers are at the sides  of the canal while we cruise going to the open Arabian Sea.

When on board, you can just stare in awe at the man-made scenery. You can bring your own food by the way and even cook at the yacht. But to our surprise, we were also given a complimentary Arabian dinner. We had our dinner at the yacht, Woah! We did not expect that it will be like this.

Meditarranean dinner.. =p
Groufie before dinner

We spend most of the time in the sundeck located in front of the yacht to get a better view of the skyline. We went pass through the Palm Jumeriah, had a sea view of the Atlantis and did a quick photo op at the area.

Look at my dad.. Hahaha. Feel At home lang. 😁
Selfie with the Atlantis..

Next stop was Burj Al Arab. Both sites were amazing.! I was so speechless and mesmerized by the view. All my mouth could utter was plain “WOW”. After our Burj Al Arab, we turned about to get back to the port still with spectacular view.

the Self proclaimed 7-star Hotel. Burj Al-Arab

I am already worn out of adjective to describe the beauty we saw that night. My dad, just keep on saying that it was one of the best experience he encountered. Definitely, this yacht cruise tour was one our of highlights when we visited Dubai. I urge you to try this amazing Yacht Cruise tour when visiting Dubai, although it may not come in cheap, but I promise you, it’s going to be really worth it! You can visit Elite Pearl Charter Website for packages.

Elite Pearl Charter


Sheikh Zayed road saeed tower 1 office # 3102

+971-56-372-9777 , +971-4-388-9666



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