My Review: Masaaree Boutique Hotel- A humble hotel with a 5 star service

We were planning for our Ultimate Summer Getaway with me and my cousins in Maldives. As usual, they were complacent to my skills in making a comprehensive itinerary as well as booking the cheapest possible hotel with good ratings.

Exterior of Masaaree Boutique Hotel.

I had 6 months to research through various hotel in Maafushi, Maldives. As an overview, Maafushi, Maldives is a local island (it means an island where locals lived, not an exclusive island owned by rich entrepreneurs. In this island you can  observe locals going to school or spending their afternoon at the beach. It is like a laidback Male if you ask me.) where through the years became a well known hub for backpackers. After the long search, I decided to book at Holiday Lodge for 4 good reasons:

  1. They have good reviews
  2. One of the review states that it is a bit away from the main area where a lot of construction is going on. We don’t want to be woke up in the morning because of the noise.
  3. They are by far the cheapest. We only be sleeping at the hotel while exploring or beach bumming throughout the day, that is why a high end hotel wasn’t necessary.
  4. They are the only one who replied to my queries regarding public transportation going to Maafushi from Male.

We stayed here for 3 days in total and we loved every minute of it. We had our reservations booked at Holiday Lodge, but we were checked in at Masaaree Boutique Hotel, a sister hotel of Holiday Lodge. What surprised us, is that on our second day, our rooms were upgraded. They placed us in the second floor with balcony with a sea view at no additional cost! Sweet! Well, they already upgraded us the first time when we reserved at Holiday Lodge but let us stayed at Masaaree Boutique Hotel. Masaaree Boutique is pricier than Holiday Lodge.


When we arrived in Maafushi, we were actually expecting to carry our own luggage all the way to the hotel but when we arrived at the jetty port,we were greeted by a staff. He got all our luggage and placed it above the cart and wheeled it to the hotel.

Upon arrival, a welcome drink was served to us. It was a fresh watermelon juice. Refreshed from the scorching heat, they let us filled out some forms for us to be checked in then assisted us to our rooms.

Our Welcome drink!

When we went inside the hotel, we were amazed by the design, a huge fish spa pond at the bottom of our walk way to our room greeted our eyes. The design of the hotel already added some extra points already, but what awed us more were our rooms.

Fish Spa walkway

The room looked fancy with artificial grass being placed on the floor rather than the usual tiled finish. It was well cleaned, and not to mention, the bed and pillows were very soft and comfortable. No doubt you will have a good night sleep here.

Our room with balcony

We settled in our rooms for a few minutes and immediately went outside to have our free fish spa! Honestly, it was my first time to experience fish spa and it felt sooo good! Hahahha

Fish Spa Time!! =)

After our good fish spa, we roam around the island and have a light dinner in a local pizza joint not far away from our hotel then went back to the hotel. It was a good first night.

By the following morning, we had our breakfast. It was a rather simple buffet breakfast, but delicious. Well, we can’t ask for more considering the hotel price and they are still giving buffet style breakfast. Right?

Our Maldivian Breakfast! =p
This is their indoor dining area

Every night, the hotel offers a buffet dinner by the beach at 10$ per person nett. This includes 4 main courses, some grilled fish and chicken, indian foods and drinks.

Their buffet dinner by the beach which we availed on our second night. The food was still simple but we seasoned.

There Hotel Reservations Manager was very accommodating, actually all of them were. Like what my title says ” a humble hotel with a 5 star customer service”. The staff in this hotel actually exceeded the services we got from an exclusive resort. There service was intimate and very personal, that is what my first impression was. They tend all of our needs especially about organizing our tours as well as transportation services going to an exclusive resort wherein we stayed for 2 nights, our daytrip excursions, as well as our transportation going back to the airport on our last day of stay in the island.

Day Excursions

The hotel offers excursion activities, this means day tour/ activities around the island which includes: Night snorkeling, night fishing, half day island hopping tour, whale watching tour etc.

We booked all of our tours with them as we don’t want any more hassle, but you can actually scout to other hotels for a more cheaper options. For example our half day island hopping tour were quoted for 23$ per person but a few block away from our hotel, we found the same half day trip for only 20$ per person. As for the transportation services, I think our hotel offered the cheapest so we it did not bother us big time. here are tons of tour operators scattered around the island. If you are fond of scouting prices from one operator to the other to find the cheapest offer, then by all means, do so.

We booked our following trips with the amount:

  1. roundtrip speedboat transfer to Fihalhohi Resort (an exclusive resort with overwater bungalow. We stayed here for 2 nights) -110$ for the 5 of us.
  2. return transfer to the Airport on our last day – 120$ for the 5 of us.
  3. half day island hopping excursion – 23$ each
  4. Day trip to Centara Ras Fushi Resort (a 4 Star Exclusive Resort) -160$ each

All in all, we were very satisfied with our experience that made our stay memorable. I will highly recommend this hotel to all of my friends and readers.

I would recommend that you book your stay directly to the property rather than in or in Our stay cost us 40$/night good for 2 person with buffet breakfast. 15$ for additional person with free buffet breakfast. This is the rate for the Holiday Lodge. However, the Reservations Manager told us that  Masaaree Boutique Hotel cost twice as much. Lucky! But as of this writing, I tried to check the price Masaaree Boutique Hotel via and it cost 2,700php that’s around 55$, which isn’t bad at all. So, you can actually compare the prices before booking or making a reservation.

You may contact Masaaree Reservations Manager directly through viber for reservations. This is his contact number:

  • Name: Mohammed Jailem
  • Viber #: +960 793-6363



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