My G-Force X Ride Experience – Asia’s Fastest Slingshot Ride

If your perception of fun is being catapulted into the sky at the speed of a rocket, then you should definitely have to try the AJ Hackett G-Force X- Asia’s highest and fastest slingshot ride. It goes from 0 – 120km/h in two seconds and up to 65 metres in height. I promise that this will give you an amazing adrenaline rush! I just advise you not to eat anything prior to having this ride. =p



It has been 8 years since I had this mind blowing ride of my life. Honestly, up until now, this ride has to be my most intense ride ever and ever since I experience this kind of ride, I became a more daring individual (although I don’t think I still have the guts to do bungee jumping yet).

It was way back year 2009 when I and my brother decided to try this once in a lifetime experience. It was all decided in a whim. Jobless at that time, riding this was a luxury for me and my brother since riding this before was quite expensive. But thanks to my cousin who offered that he will pay half of the amount!


The Experience:

I was utterly hesitant at first, but my older brother used his authority and convincing powers on which enabled me to not refuse this offer. Crying inside, i nodded! Hahahha. Yeas, I was a scaredy-cat. It wasn’t an easy decision! Hahaha

Brief Orientation

We went on and signed the waiver. Oh, the waiver states that whatever happens to us during the ride, Hackett will not be held responsible. That phrase just made me nervous another two folds.

Waiver signing

After signing, we paid the amount and get on the metal sphere with 2 seats in it.


1st ride:

We are on our 1st ride and literally our hearts left us down below as we were propelled at a Formula One car speed.

Getting ready.

You can see our video here on how we screamed at the top of our lungs and stop breathing for a second! Hahah



Our energy level from our adrenaline rush quickly faded from our system.  We tried to convince our other cousins, but unlike me, my brother’s convincing power did not have any effect on them.

2nd ride:

So we were in for our second ride, this time the operators let us have our feet crossed to our legs (like what you do when you meditate, but in this case, meditation is not possible, at all).

Lets do this, again!

The operator told us that with this position, we will have a more fun experience, NOT! This only gave the sphere to rotate faster and make us feel more like a ball  being kicked during football games, wherein the ball rotates so fast. Well, you know what I mean right? =)



After our ride, our hands were so numb from gripping with heavy sweating but for consolation we get to have this, our Certificate of “Insanity”. Yeay! We were able to overcome it! Give us a big clap please. Hehehe I wonder if someone have become insane after experiencing this, I hope no one have.

We made it and we are alive! Hahaha No Puking happened.. =) (slow clap to us) LOL

I guess its how they encourage us to get more life staking rides! hahahah I am not entirely sure if I will do it again, but it was somewhat a lot of fun (I think you can justify this by watching the videos.)


Anyway, I dare you to try this one! at least once.. We did it twice, so be considerate! lol



AJ Hackett G-Force X is located inside Sunway Lagoon, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.



120 RM for the Couples package. That’s like 1,700 in Philippine Peso.

70 RM for single riders.



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