Local House: A Restaurant that specializes in cooking Camel Meat.

Heard about a restaurant that serves  Burger with real camel meat?

Prior to my travel to Dubai, I talked with few  of my friends working there and also did my own research as what are those unique (actually I was hoping for something bizarre and exotic 😁) foods that you could try in Dubai. All I can hear from my friends are “Shawarma!” and middle eastern foods (hummus, samosa, etc). Even when I had my initial research, everything is about Mediterranean foods.

Then I came across a tripadvisor thread that talks about something new and something a foodie must try, Dubai’s famous Camel Burger! When I knew about it, I immediately contacted some of my friends in Dubai if they know the place, and even some of my friends are working in Dubai for almost half a decade already, they are still not familiar with the place.

So I began to do my own research in locating this restaurant, and guess what? This quaint restaurant is just 15 minutes walk away from our Hotel . Sweet! Hahhaha

The Restaurant:

The restaurant’s name is Local House Restaurant. It is said that this restaurant is the pioneer in catering camel meat. The place is very cozy and homey. Chairs and table are made of wood with an interior of blocked rock cemented together that looks like a traditional-classic Mediterranean hall. We went there around 6pm and there weren’t any guests yet, but just me and my parents.

The restaurant is just located in the same stretch as Dubai’s Museum and Dubai’s Heritage House. Its complete address is: 51, Al Bastakiya, Near Al Fahidi Round About، Opposite Al Mussalla Post Office، Meena Bazaar – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

The Menu:

There menu is quite extensive offering different kind of camel dishes from there famous Camel Burgers, Camel Salads to even Camel Pasta!


I opted to had the burger instead, since that was my original plan. However, upon writing this article, I regretted that I was not able to try there other Camel Dishes. My dad was not into it and so is my mom, So I did not bother ordering any other Camel dishes.

I think that’s another reason for me to go back to this restaurant soon ( I hope could still visit Dubai again).😜

The experience:

The Camel Burger arrived 10 minutes after ordering it. The serving was actually pretty huge which I actually did not expect. It came with hand-cut chunk of Potato Fries. The meat kinda taste the same as beef, but not as juicy as beef since Camel meat just have less fat, I guess. But it was actually tender enough from my initial speculation of having a tough meat. The meal was really something, and should be tried to all the foodie out there.

this is actually quite big!

Oh, by the way, some of you might be thinking that it is cruel to eat a camel, don’t fret guys as this restaurant is completely HALAL so I just have a little conscience eating it.😊

Upclose. look at that huge camel patty… =p

Aside from the burger, we also ordered the usual Hummus and samosa. While this restaurant offers camel meat, they do not fail to offer camel milk too.

Unlike cow’s milk, camel milk is a bit thicker and has more taste. They offer smoothies that uses camel milk, so I opted to order one also with there signature national fruit, dates. Yum!

thick, creamy dates smoothie with camel milk 😋

I wish I could have tried the Local House Camel Special but we were actually full at that time and just wanted to know how a camel meat would taste like. We were also in a bit of a hurry at that time so I was not able to fully absorb whats in the menu and just ordered the Camel Burger.

Next time, if ever I’ll have the chance to travel again to Dubai, I will definitely go back here and try other camel dishes.

If you happen to visit here and will try there dishes, do tell me your experience and the dishes that you tried! For now, its just the burger and the memory…😋

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