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It has been a dream of mine to travel to “The Land of the Free” ever since. My fond for Thai Foods, rich culture and not to mention there bizarre food delicacy that not everyone will even dare to try it–made this country a place in my bucket list.

Its been a few months of preparation when me and my friends decided to have “THE” Ultimate South East Asia tour, and of course, Thailand is one of them.

Embarking in our remaining 3 days, we head off to this World’s most visited by Tourist. Sawasdee Ka, Thailand!



  • A bit of advice, you may opt to change your currency into Thai currency before entering the country. Unlike Cambodia, Thailand only accepts there local currency. It was our mistake that we didn’t change our USD prior to our arrival.
  • As much as possible do not ride Tuktuk’s as they will always try to rip you off. However, you may try to haggle and if the price is reasonable then you may do so. In our case, we only rode a tuktuk once (Going back from the temples to Khaosan Road) as we were tired of walking already and at least tried the experience in riding Bangkok’s tuktuk. We paid 60 baht for the 3 of us.
  • always use Google Map. I just recently learn from my seatmate expat when we traveled to Siem Reap, that you can now download an offline Map version in Google Map. This offline version will still have the detailed map and local transportation routes (bus, trains). Unless you want to consisitently update your facebook status or any social media sites, you don’t have to get there local tourist simcard. But if you do want, 7/11 sells this type of simcards at 299 Baht with 1.5GB worth of data valid for 7 days.

Note: Expenses below may either be in Peso, Baht of USD. Just use Google for the conversion. With that, you will be able to estimate how much did we spent.

Day 1: Arrival, Tip Samai Pad Thai- Day 6 in our SEA Travel October 26

We arrived in Thailand around 8:30pm. The van dropped us near Khaosan Road. Having an offline Goodle Map is really helpful. We used it in locating our Guesthouse. We booked in at:

At Home Guest House.. Address: 117 Tanao Road, Pra nakon , Bangkok, Thailand via

We paid 3,800php for 3 nights good for 3 person. Not bad. Although breakfast is not included in the rate, there are tons of food stalls, restaurants and even fast food chains that are located nearby. In short “hindi ka talaga magugutom” (you will not go hungry!) lol.

We checked in at our guesthouse and settled our luggages. We were already hungry. With a plan in mind to eat the Best Pad Thai in the World, we visited this certain restaurant. Read more about this restaurant by clicking on this link. It will also written there on how to get to the place.


After having a taste of the Best Pad Thai, we went back to our guesthouse to rest because tomorrow will be shopping day! Hahaha


  • At Home Guesthouse for 3 nights – 1,270php per person
  • Thip Samai Pad Thai with drinks -200 Baht

Day 2: Shopping at Pratunam Market, Grand Palace, Wat Po, Wat Arun — Day 7 in our SEA Travel (October 27)


  • 8:30am- Breakfast near Pratunam
  • 10am- Start Shopping
  • 1pm- Lunch at the food court in Pratunam
  • 2:30pm- Back to Guesthouse
  • 3:00pm- visit Grand Palace, Wat Po and Wat Arun
  • 7:30pm- Dinner near KhaoSan Road

Okay, so 2 of my friends were excited already since they know whats in store for my planned itinerary for that day, SHOPPING.! We went off from our guesthouse by Taxi to Partunam Market/Mall. I think every Taxi knows the places as the place that most filipinos go to. A place for whole sale dresses and anything in between.

We went off to Pratunam Market at around 8:30am and had breakfast in a cafe near the market while waiting for it to open by 10am.

After which, everyone proceeded with the shopping spree. We are back on our guesthouse before 3pm as the Grand Royal Palace closes at 3:30pm. But it was all for not, we went there when there King died, so the Grand Palace was close. Wat Po was also closed by the time we arrived since we only walked from Khaosan to those places. We wanted to feel and see the alleys of Bangkok as well.

We just used Google Map in locating each sites. As well as the ferry terminal that you need to get it for the Wat Arun.

Wat Arun

Wat Arun was not as majestic when we visited it, it was being renovated. sigh. But on the bright side, we were able to see it up close and saw the Chao Phraya River.

We went back to Khaosan Road by riding the tuktuk since our feet are getting soar already from all the walking.


Rested at the guesthouse for a bit and went out to Khaosan to hunt for some local thai Food… Mmmmm


  • Breakfast – 200baht
  • SHopping allowance – 1,000 baht
  • lunch – 100 baht
  • transportation allowance – 100 baht/ person
  • dinner – 150 baht

 Day 3: Kanchanaburi Day tour — Day 8 in our SEA Travel (October 28)

We got this day tour a day prior. We booked one just outside our guest house across the street. This a travel agency that offers pocket friendly day tours for travelers. You may want to try there other day tour trips like there Pattaya Day Trip and there Ayutthaya Day trip, however we opted to fpr the Kanchanaburi Trip because of the elephants. yes Yes I know, Animal Cruelty as what most of them say, but we really are guilty about it knowing how cruel they train the elephants after our trip ended already when we saw one in youtube about a documentary on elephants in Thailand.


Breakfast at Burger King – 100 baht
day package tour – 800 baht
train ride -150 baht
museum -40 baht
food allowance -200 baht
dinner -200 baht
total: 1,490 baht or 2,065 php or 43 USD

Anyway, we booked ours at 800 Baht/person with the following inclusion and itinerary:

For this day, we just booked a tour to Kanchanaburi in a local travel agency just across our hostel.

This is the photo of the local travel agency were we booked our day trip in Kanchanaburi.

We paid 800 baht each with the following inclusion:
-round trip transfer from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi
-Elephant Ride fee
-Bamboo Rafting admission fee

This is our detailed itinerary for the daytrip.

Our detailed itinerary was:
7am-Pick up tourist from various point
7:30am- Departure from Bangkok to River Kwai (2hour ride)
9:15am- arrived at River Kwai and visit to Cemetery of the Allied Prisoner of the World War II
10am – visit the Jeath Museum (entrance fee is not included in the package which is 40 Baht. For me, the museum was not worth it. You may skip it and go directly to the bridge area for some photo op and shop at the locals where they sell some silver jewelry as well as some semi precious stone jewelry at a very cheap price)
10:30am- visit the bridge over the river Kwai
11am – leave the bridge to got to the train station (Train ticket is not included also in this tour which costs 100 baht for regular ride and 150 baht for VIP ride. The VIP ride lets you board infront of the train with free drinks and a certificate that you have ride the train. We opted to take the latter)
11:45am- leaving from the train station and traveling by train and see along the Death Railway ( the most dangerous curving bridge which was built of wooden log along the mountain side constructed by the allied prisoners of the second world war)
1pm- Lunch at a local Thai Restaurant with unlimited rice (drinks will be on personal account)
1:40pm- transfer to elephant ride and bamboo rafting (FREE)
3PM- arrive at Sai Yok Noi Waterfall. This waterfall is actually bigger than how it looks in the picture. (while you are here, do drop by at the stall beside the waterfall where they sell very delicious rootcrop chips for only 100baht/5 packs.!)
3:40pm- depart to Bangkok
7pm- arrive in Bangkok (khaosan Road area only)

Tips in this trip:

  • Personally I would not recommend you to get inside the Death museum as there isn’t really much to see. It would be better if you’ll just stroll along the bridge and nearby local vendors.
  • you may opt to ride the first class train ride as they will provide you free coffee or tea and a Certificate of Remembrance.

War Cemetery:

img_2289 img_2292

Death Museum:

img_2300 img_2301 img_2304 img_2299 img_2308 _mg_7223

River Kwai over Bridge:


Chu Chu Train is coming. move aside please.=)


Thinking we might get run over by a train.Hahahah
All aboard
All aboard
Our Certificate of Remembrance
Our Certificate of Remembrance

After our train ride, we had a sumptuous lunch which is also included in the package.

Elephant riding. Though we regretted this after.. =( Sorry Dumbo….


Bamboo Rafting
This waterfall is actually bigger than I thought..

After our tour ended we went back to the hotel to rest and freshen up, then head to Khaosan Road again for some food trip. However, you may also opt to go to Silom Road to experience The Notorious Live Shows. Unfortunately, we did not go there as the local told us that the area was closed due to the King’s death. Next time, I will definiftely include this on the list. Hahahaha
What we did, we challenge ourselves to eat those creepy crawlies which Thailand is known for. You may read our detailed experience here. After we conquered in eating bugs and ate our dinner, we scouted for some souvenirs and pampered ourselves with some authentic Thai Massage and called it a day.

Day 4: Departure — Day 9 in our SEA Travel (October 29)


  • Breakfast – 70 baht (we just ate pad thai near Khao San Road)
  • Taxi fare to airport – 90 baht/person
  • lunch – 150 baht
  • miscellaneous – 200 baht

After Breakfast near Khaosan Road, we still wanted to see the Grand Palace again hoping that it will be open, but we were informed that there will be a ceremony that will be happening  in the Palace for the King’s burial. Lots of Thais will be attending the ceremony.

Afraid that we might get stuck in traffic since we are located quite near the palace, we decided to head off directly to the airport after breakfast by taxi.

Good bye Thailand, see you real soon..=)
Good bye Thailand, see you real soon..=)

It was a pretty short stay in Bangkok. It could have been better if we stayed for a week. There’s just so much to do, so much to see, so much to shop and not to mention, tons of street foods to try on.

One more reason why I need to get back to this beautiful place soon.=)

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