A Guide to an Instagrammable Haven at Jomax Peak

Nature seekers and scenic explorers will definitely place this one in their Philippine bucket list.

This picnic ground and flower sanctuary in Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental have gone quite popular these days. Aside from the beds of clouds that you get to see during “Habagat” aka South monsoon months, you will be greeted by chilly fresh mountain breeze while having a sip of your unlimited coffee offered by the sanctuary facing an awesome mountain view by the balcony.

Every inch of the place is instagram worthy especially the balcony areas. Instagram hobbyist will surely come runnin’ at this elusive place..

Aside from an awesome view that you will be seeing, camping at Jomax Peak is also worth trying.

camping grounds

It was out of the blue when me and my family decided to camp here. Because Jomax Peak have been making quite a rave in Social Media that made us curious. We pushed our luck and try to inquire if there is a vacant slot to have camping. Due to the high demand, the sanctuary is kinda hard to make a reservation but we were lucky that there is still an availability for 5 more people. How lucky we are that despite of being almost always fully booked, it had a slot for us! Maybe because it was raining at that time, that most people who made a reservation cancelled it last minute.

What I like about Jomax Peak is the exclusiveness of the place. They limit their guests to maintain peace and control of the guests’ privacy. Yes it means they do not accept walk in guests, so you have to make a reservation through their facebook page (contacts and facebook page will be posted below).

Aside from their exclusiveness, their staffs were also very hospitable and always tend to what their guest are requesting.

The peak also has few simple rules that needs to be followed. Other than that, you can do anything you want. They are not very strict.

If you just want to escape from the bustling city life over the weekend without damaging your finances, this is the place to be.

You can have an overnight camping or just a few hours of relaxation, it is all up to you. For a few hundred peso budget, you can have an overnight camping at the peak with unlimited coffee and water, be in awe of the panoramic mountain scenery and being able to commune with nature.

Although you can bring your own food (no corkage fee), you don’t have to sweat about it as you can ask the staff to cook some canned goods for you which you can conveniently buy at the local sari-sari store at a very reasonable price. If you want to have some grilled foods, you can bring your own marinated meat and have it grilled at no additional charge. But if you ever don’t feel like cooking you can always ask the staff to cook for you at a very minimal charge.

By the way, did I also mention that Jomax Peak also offer Therapeutic Massage? Yes they have, at a very shockingly good rate of 150php, you can have a 1 hour full body massage. Talk about have a complete stress-free relaxation that is very budget friendly.

How to Get there:

If you’re coming from Cebu:

  • Head to Cebu South Terminal and ride a bus going to Toledo Port. Another option is to ride a Vhire in Kamagayan (beside USC) to Toledo.
  • Once you arrived at Toledo Port, you may ride a barge or fastcraft going to San Carlos City, Negros Occidental.
  • From San Carlos Port, ride a trike going to San Carlos City bus terminal then ride a bus going to Bacolod via Don Salvador then tell the conductor to drop you at Jomax Peak, Brgy. Kumaliskis.


  • Cebu South Terminal (Bus) to Toledo Port • 110php or vhire (100php)
  • Take a boat from Toledo Port to San Carlos Port – Barge: 100php ; Fastcraft: 180php ; Fastcat: 200php (Fastcat and Fastcraft is only 1hr travel time while a barge could take you upto 2hrs). There are hourly departures from Toledo to San Carlos (earliest is at 7am, latest is at 6pm) so you don’t have to worry about the departure schedules.
  • Tricycle from San Carlos Port to San Carlos Bus Terminal • 8php
  • Bus from San Carlos Terminal to Jomax Peak Don Salvador • 70php
  • Jomax Peak overnight entrance fee • 200php/person or please refer to their website or facebook fanpage for updated rates.

If you’re coming from Bacolod:

  • Head to Sambok (South) Bus Terminal in Bacolod City.
  • Ride a Bus going to Cebu or San Carlos City via Don Salvador.
  • Then tell the conductor to drop you at Jomax Peak, Brgy. Kumaliskis.


  • Taxi or jeep going to Sambok Terminal (rate varies)
  • Bus ride fee -55php
  • Jomax Peak overnight entrance fee • 200php/person or please refer to their website or facebook fan page for updated rates.

Things that you can see and do:

  1. Take a lot of selfies and photos of the place.
  2. R&R (as what my older brother says) meaning Rest and Relax.
  3. Enjoy the view
  4. Have a cup or a few cups of their Home Brewed Coffee.
  5. Or you might want to take a plunge at their icy pool!
  6. If you’re up for an adventure, you can trek the neighboring waterfalls which you can actually see from the balcony. You can ask the staff if you want this and they will happily assist you and refer you a reputable guide. There is no fixed rate for the guide, it is up to you if how much you want to give.
  7. There’s more. According to the owner that I was able to talk to (which by the way, he was very accommodating and talked to all the guests that stayed the night), if you feel more adventurous, there’s a lake that you can explore behind the waterfalls. I have not been able to experience this yet, but I am planning to trek it once I’ll have the chance to get back there. I will update this post once I will be able to experience it.
  8. And if ever you want to have a quick adrenaline rush, you might want to try their zipline. You can ask their staff about it.


Reservation and rates:


You may have your reservation at the Facebook Fan Page or their Jomax Peak Website.

Contacts: 0917 513 2897


As far as I noticed, their rates changed a few times already. So maybe upon reading this, they may have changed their rates again. It is better to call or text them for the rates or availability. In our case, since we had an overnight camping at the sanctuary, we only paid 200php/adult. Children  below 10 years old are free!

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