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Primarily known for its Sili Ice Cream and other Ice Cream flavors that are native in Albay: Pili nut Ice Cream, Tinutong na Bigas (blackened rice) Ice Cream, Salabat (ginger) Ice Cream, to name a few.

However, 1st Colonial Grill isn’t just all sweets. They also cater some native Bicolano dishes which are quite divine. I cannot order everything they have in their menu (as much as I want to) due to obvious reasons. Hahaha But I did try one of their signature dish. These are the dishes I tried from them: Tinutungang Manok, Tinapa Fried Rice and of course, pinangat!

Tinutungang Manok – an authentic Darageno dish (panera) of chicken and saba, mixed with ginger, lemon grass and sili (chilli) cooked slowly with gata (coconut milk) over grated flamed coconut flakes to enhance its flavor. yum!
Tinapa Rice. Of course, one is not enough.­čśő
1st night in Albay. 1st dinner. Yes! I would not miss to try it right away. Hahahah #pinangat

After I had my very appetizing dinner, it is now time for desserts. Before, the restaurant offers an ice cream sampler wherein you can choose 3 flavors of ice cream (1 scoop each) for 95.00php but when I got there this year, they no longer have this selection. So instead of initially planning to get 2 orders of 6 different flavors, I only ended up with 2.

Sili Ice Cream – it would not be complete to try this ice cream. This Ice cream comes in 4 levels in terms of how HOT do you want your ice cream with VOLCANO level as the hottest!. Guess what level I chose.?
Pili Nut Ice Cream – I personally like this ice cream since it has this caramel-like taste to it because of the smooth pili nuts.

This is their Menu:

There a few branches scattered across Legazpi. I tried this when I was in Ayala Centrio Mall. They also have one in Pacific Mall.

Have the Hottest Ice Cream around!

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