8 Things to See and Do in Rotoroa, New Zealand

Whether you’re a historian, a laidback wanderer, or even an adrenaline junkie. Rotoroa will be able to provide you with everything you seek.


There are tons of activities that you can see and do in Rotoroa. However, listed below are the places that I’ve experienced:


1. Explore New Zealand’s most colourful volcanic area


Rotorua is part of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, a geothermal field extending from White Island off the Bay of Plenty Coast to Mt Ruapehu far to the south. Rotorua’s array of geothermal features – volcanic crater lakes, erupting geysers, bubbling mud pools, hissing fumaroles and colourful sinter terraces – are sure to impress.

Get to see a live erupting Geyser

2. Extensive Cultural experience with the Natives

Set amidst a landscape of erupting geothermal activity is the Living Maori Village of Whakarewarewa.
Discover the wonders of Mother Nature and learn how they have come to live in harmony with this unique environment.

The Maori Natives after there traditional dance:

This is how they cook their corn.
and how they grow their own vegetables

Indulge your senses and try their traditional geothermal Hangi (Maori feast) or Corn Cob, a tasteful and refreshing experience.

3. Ride the Gondola

The Gondola is one of those things that you could first see before arriving at the town proper. And when you see it, you can’t help but try to experience riding it and see the awesome view of Rotoroa once you get to the top.

4. Soak yourself in a therapeutic mud bath

Mud bath houses are abundant in Rotoroa, so I would recommend you not to miss it when you’re there for a once in a lifetime experience.

5. Take advantage of the Free Sauna and Hot Spring Bath in every Hotels, Inn or Motel you’re in.

Since Rotoroa is like a town sitting at the top of a huge crater that leaks in vapors. Every hotel , Inn, motels offers free natural sauna and Hot Spring bath, so take advantage of it! Rotoroa Sauna and Hot Spring experience does provide a different experience.

6. Learn New Zealand History at the Rotoroa Museum

Where great stories begin! Rotorua Museum is a must-see international visitor experience. Here you can discover the region’s rich Māori culture, volatile volcanic landscape and rich-filled history. This all vividly comes to life through a variety of stunning multi-media exhibitions.

Update: Rotoroa Museum is currently closed until further notice for renovation due to the earthquake that happened last November 14, 2016.

7. Bring out the sweet tooth in you with the Jelly Bean Factory.

transform into your childhood state and indulge in tons of jelly beans flavor. Not only that, feast your eyes with Jelly bean Art Gallery where portraits of Mona Lisa and even Harry Potter are hanged on the wall, all made with Jelly Beans!

Mona Lisa and Harry Potter Portrait using Jelly beans!

8. Boost your adrenaline while riding the Luge.

This was the first time I rode a luge, and it did not stop me from hopping in not once, not twice but thrice! That means, I had three times the fun! lol


So there, those are the places I’ve been to. I will update this soon when I get the chance to get back to New Zealand again. As of now, I will just let my imagination wander. Kia Ora!


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