4 Countries, 6 Cities in 10 AWESOME days for P 30,000. ALL-IN

Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand are the 4 countries we travelled in 10 awesome days. Covering 6 cities —  The City of Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap in Cambodia and Bangkok and Kanchanaburi in Thailand.

I have tallied everything and spent around 30,000php per person.  You can increase your budget if you want more shopping! =). When I said ALL-IN, I mean everything which includes all the tours, hostels, transportation, resort, airfare, food and shopping allowances!!! How’s that for budget travel without compromising the fun and experience!? =)

This article is about our detailed day to day itinerary, our expenses, where we stayed and tips on each country to maximize your time in each places, as well as tips on how you can save up from your trip. All I can give you is the estimated cost in Peso or in USD since currency rate will change from time to time. At least, it will provide you an insight on how much you will be spending in this trip.

We are from Cebu, we booked our flight via Tiger Airways. We opted to book going to Ho Chi Minh City as our first Stop. Our original plan was to go Backpacking on 3 countries only: Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. However, Tiger Airways (from Cebu to Ho Chi Minh City) will have a long layover in Singapore (about 22 hours in our way out, and around 16 hrs on our way back via Bangkok) so we thought why not explore Singapore as well since we have enough time to roam around the City .

We booked our outbound ticket few months before our scheduled date and got it around 3,400.00 php each (one way). However, I booked our return flight few weeks before our scheduled for around 7,000php because of some issues and also we were hoping that the Thai Smile Airways would start their direct Cebu- Bangkok flight as announced, but it didn’t happened. You can save a lot if you booked the flight in advance or during Seat sale.

First off, our SUMMARY Expenses since day 1:

  • Singapore 1- 44 USD
  • Vietnam – 42 USD
  • Cambodia (Phnom Penh)- 62 USD
  • Cambodia (Siem Reap) – 95 USD
  • Thailand (Bangkok) – 72 USD
  • Thailand (Kanchanaburi) -43 USD
  • Thailand Departure -15 USD
  • Singapore 2- 50 USD
  • Total Round trip airfare – around 10,500php
    Grand Total: around 31,000.00 php only or roughly 670 USD ALL IN

Our Flight details are as follows:

Cebu to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (our point of entry)

Cebu to Singapore: departure @ 3:50pm – arrival @ 7:50pm
Layover in Singapore for 22 hours
Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City: departure @3:30pm – Arrival @ 4:45pm

Our point of exit was Thailand, the last country we visited. We booked our flight still at Tiger Airway because it was the cheapest one I could find considering that we booked it just 3 weeks before our planned date.

This is our return flight details:

Bangkok (Don Mueng Airport) to Cebu (Point of exit)

Bangkok (Don Mueng Airport) to Singapore: departure @ 3pm- Arrival @ 8pm
Layover in Singapore for 16 Hours
Singapore to cebu: departure @ 10:50am- arrival @ 2:30pm

Oct 21 (Friday) Day 1 – Arrival in Singapore

Expenses in Singapore:

Dinner @ MakanSutra Hawker Bay: dinner allowance 10 SGD
Transportation allowance: 10 SGD
Walking around Marina Bay Sands and Merlion: FREE
Hostel – FREE since we stayed in a friend’s apartment
Breakfast: 4 SGD
Souvenir allowance- 10 SGD
Lunch – 10 SGD
TOTAL: 44 USD each

-Dinner @ Makansutra Hawker Bay
-Walk around Marina Bay Sands and Merlion
-back to my friend’s place

Oct 22 (Saturday) Day 2 — Singapore – Arrival at Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

Since our flight was still at 3:30pm, we decided to stroll along Chinatown in Singapore to have a bit of Food tripping before heading back to the airport.


7am-9:30am -Breakfast at a Michelin Starred Hawker stall in Chinatown called Liao Fan Hongkong Soya Sauce Chicken
9:30-11:30am -Roam around Chinatown
12noon – travel back to airport
12:45pm- Check in
1pm- lunch at the airport, we had lunch at McDonalds before entering at the Immigration
2pm- getting inside Immigration
3:30pm -departure to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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-I would advise to download an offline Google Map in your mobile phone focusing in Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap so that it can guide you in locating the areas that you wanted to visit. You can use this even without  Internet connection. I did not include Bangkok because I would recommend that you will buy their tourist sim card for only 299 Baht (Thai Tourist Sim card will be explained below).

-food in Singapore is generally quite expensive if you compare it to the other destination that you will be heading. However, there are some hawker areas that are quite cheap, especially in Chinatown where you can have a decent meal for 3 SGD already. I recommend that you try “the Liao Fan Hongkong soya sauce chicken” which is very cheap considering it is a Michelin Starred Hawker.
-If you want to have breakfast at the famous Liao Fan HongKong Soya Sauce Chicken, I would advise you to be really early. As much possible be there around 7am. The Stall will open at 8:30am.

— Arrived in Ho Chi Minh City @ 5pm —

busy streets of Ho Chi Minh City

5pm arrival- Airport pick up by Hotel Car service. Before you would go out at the Airport, have your USD changed to Vietnamese Dong. Vietnam stores do not accept USD.

7pm- arrive at hotel: Luan Vu Hotel, Address: 35/2 Bui Vien Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 70000

8pm- Have Pho Bo and Bhan Mi for dinner on the streets
9pm- visit starbucks to buy mug and stroll along the streets
11pm- Sleep


NOTE: Ask hotel for a simple tourist map for your guide. Start your tour in War Remnants and then everything will be in walking distance.

Oct 23: (Sunday) Day 3 -HCMC (Ho Chi Minh City)

Read more: Backpacking: 24 hrs in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) , Vietnam

Itinerary Schedule:
6am- wake up call
7am- breakfast
8am- start tour
Take a cab to War Remnants. Flag down of cabs is 11,000VND,.. ranges from 15k-45k per cab ride upto 4 people can ride the taxi. From there, everything will be in walking distance

Read more: Backpacking: 24 hrs in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) , Vietnam

Places to go:
War Remnants
Reunification Palace
Notre Dame Cathedral
Central Post Office

Lunch: Nha Hang Ngon Restaurant address: 138 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, HCMC
(you can find this restaurant just few blocks away from Notre Dame Cathedral)
To order: Cha Ca –chunk of fish seasoned with garlic, ginger, turmeric in a hot pan table side
Banh Xeo – crispy crepe with meat inside and veggies
Nem Ran/ Cha Gio – fried spring rolls

After Lunch:
Ho Chih Minh Square
City Hall
Saigon Square for shopping. You can buy the cheapest original factory made North Face bag in this Mall.

1:30pm- back in hotel
3pm- depart for Phom Penh Cambodia via Mekong Van Express Limousine. You can book a seat via there website: https://catmekongexpress.com/Booking.aspx
It costs 14USD with 1 bottled water, a cold wet wipes and a meat bun is included.

For all the foodie out there, this is the one that you should try to eat while in Ho Chi Minh City:
1. Banh Mi @ Bánh Mì Huỳnh Hoa (Banh Mi Huynh Hoa) address: 26 Lê Thị Riêng, Ben Thanh, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam open at 3:30pm to midnight –Sandwich!!
Bánh Mì Hồng Hoa ADDRESS: 62 Nguyễn Văn Tráng, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam… Open in the morning
2. Bún riêu (bun rieu) @ Bún riêu Nguyễn Cảnh Chân – Noodle soup with tomatoe soup base
Address: 18/5 Nguyễn Cảnh Chân, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
3. Bánh xèo (banh xeo) – address: Banh Xeo 46A, District 1. Vietnamese crepe
4. Bánh tráng trộn (banh trang tron) – (you can find this one in the plaza near Benh Than Market at night) It’s basically a snack or junk food, and when I was in Saigon, I noticed that it’s especially popular with youth and the younger generation, and often available at parks and public places, and nearly always served in a plastic bag.
a snack of shredded rice paper, seasoned with a chili sauce, and filled with herbs like Vietnamese coriander and basil and supplemented with pieces of squid, salty fish, and quail eggs. There are probably about ten more ingredients I’m forgetting to mention in the mix as well.

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Mode of transportation:
Tansportation to Hotel:
-If you do not want to take an airport pick up from your hotel, you can just get a taxi outside the airport. To avoid getting scammed just be sure to take any of these types of taxi as they are legit and reliable and : Mai Linh/Vinasun Taxi – more or less 150,000-170,000 Dong to the City (taxis are found on the left side of the airport)

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-The cheapest way is to take public city Bus # 152 parking in a lane few steps away on the right side from the Arrival’s entrance. It takes you downtown to the Bus Station on the opposite side of the traffic round about from Ben Thanh market, at a cost of 5000 dong per person including a 1 piece of big luggage. It runs every 20 minutes from 6 am until 6 pm.
-what we did is, we just had the airport pickup service in our hotel just to be safe and avoid unforeseeable hassle/problem. We don’t want to ruin our trip from the start. It was 15 USD for the service fare good for up to 4 person (you pay the pick up service at the hotel using Dong or USD).
-never ever ride the trike (a pedaled tricycle) as they will really try to rip you off. It’s better to take the taxi. I strongly do not recommend them. I tried them because my friends wanted to experience their native local transport, and it cost us 50,000 Dong EACH! grrrr
-when getting in a taxi, always tell them to get it metered.
-If you go on Shopping, I advise you to buy at Saigon Square rather than in Benh Than Market. Benh Than Market is famous amongst expats to really ripped the tourist off.
-take the taxi when going to the Mekong Van Express from the Hotel. It wouldn’t cost you that much or if you really want, you can walk , just ask your hotel receptionist for directions but I do not recommend this. Imagine walking with a stroller in a broad day light. Exhausting. Hahaha

——-   Arrived in Cambodia @ 9pm. ——–

Royal Palace

9pm- Check in at a Guesthouse
Homeland Guesthouse –Address: #15, Street 304, Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang II, Khan Chamcamon, Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Read more: 3 Days in Cambodia | DIY Travel Guide | Part 1 (Phnom Penh)

-This guesthouse is near central market and genocide museum aka S21 Prison. Both were worth the visit but food options were very limited in the area. This guesthouse was the cheapest and we only wanted some place to sleep on so a fancy hotel wasn’t necessary. On a brighter note,  the A/C was cool enough for the three of us. The bed was okay. The shower have hot and cold options and have a good water pressure. We only ate once in the ‘restaurant’ downstairs for breakfast and it was very simple. We could have ate in a better place but we were in a hurry.

-inquire your hostel for tuktuk rental for a half day city tour. Tell the receptionist to tell the driver about the itinerary that you wanted. After checking in, we had dinner and stroll along the riverside.

Dinner: Sinh Foo Guesthouse and Restaurant.. (near national museum)
Address: No.323Eo, Sisowatch Quay, Sangkat Chey Chumneas, Khan Daun Penh, Pnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel : (855) 23 990 168, (855) 16 666 216

Food to eat: tom Yam Hot pot, Steamed Fish with lemon, Deep fried Spring Roll

12mn- back to hotel for some sleep.

Phnom Penh Expenses:
Tuktuk to Hostel – 3$ divided 3 = 1$ each
Hostel – 7 USD each
Hostel to Restaurant and back to hostel – total of 6$ divided 3 = 2 $ each
Tuktuk Half daytour fee – 20 $ divided 3 = 7$ each
S21 Prison -6$ each
Royal Palace =6.5$ each
Killing Fields -3$ each
Dinner Allowance -8$ each
Breakfast allowance -3$ each
Lunch Allowance – 4 $ each
BUs to Siem Reap -10$ each
Total: around 62 USD each

Tips and what you need to know when Cambodia:
– Don’t let the tuk tuk from the bus station charge you $5… 3$ at the most. Mostly 2$ anywhere in phnom penh or in Siem Reap. That fare is good for upto 4 person in one tuktuk. It’s NOT 3$/person.
-In Cambodia, they are using USD more rather than their own local currency. So expect everything will be in USD even the tuktuk’s.
-When we traveled in Cambodia, we realized that visiting here was expensive compared to the other South East Asian Countries that we’ve been to, but the country has its charm that draws tourist in especially in Siem Reap. Their Angkor Wat is out of this World and not to mention their rich (and somewhat tragic) cultural-political History.
-Say this when huggling for tuktuk: “T’lai na!” (“So expensive!”)
-always ask and confirm the tuktuk driver if he knows the place that you wanted to visit, if not look for other tuktuk driver. You don’t want to be like us who failed our imagined dinner just because the driver did not know the restaurant. Grrr
-most people here only speak simple english. It might be a bit of a challenge in communicating to them.
-if you want to do souvenir shopping, always haggle! around 1-2USD for a fridge magnet


October 24 (Monday) Day 4 –Phnom Penh

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6:30am- wake up call
7:00am- breakfast
7:30am- start city tour pay 15$ more or less for half day tour, we paid 25$ because we are not good at haggling. 😁

Where to go:
7:30am -Sleng Genocide Museum (S-21 Prison)– five minutes away from hotel –
Entrance fee is 3$ and 6$ if with audio guide -Opens at 8am

This is where they hang prisoners

the Audio Guide is very helpful to really know about the brutal history of Cambodia. I will not talk about it in details, just experience it for yourself.

9:30am- The Royal Palace -6.5$ (while going to the Royal Palace, ask the driver to have a quick Photo stop at the Independence Monument. Also, wear appropriate clothing while in the Palace. No shorts for women, no sleeveless, no slippers allowed.

11:00am- Aeon Mall- for lunch

12noon- The Killing Fields Choeung Ek -3$ entrance fee and 6$ if with audio guide.

2pm-back to hotel to get bags
3pm- leave for Siem Reap (book a bus from hotel to Siem Reap at 10$) The van will pick you up in your hostel and drop you off at the Bus Terminal to change a bus going to Siem Reap.

—–Arrived in Siem Reap at 9pm——

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Expenses in Siem Reap for 2 nights:

  • terminal to Guesthouse – 3 USD/ 3pax = 1$ each
  • Guesthouse – 6 USD
  • Angkor Heart Bungalow – 19 USD
  • Breakfast at the Resort on the 2 day – FREE
  • Dinner at Guesthouse – 5 USD
  • Driver Rental to Angkor Wat – 15 USD divided by 3 -= 5 USD each
  • Angkor Wat Entrance Fee – 20 USD each (1 day unlimited pass to all temples)
  • Brunch – 8 USD each
  • roundtrip tuktuk from resort to Pub street – 3$/3 pax = 2$ each
  • Dinner in Pub street -6$
  • Angkor Wat? booze – 2$
  • Bus fare from Siem Reap to Bangkok – 28$ each
  • Miscellaneous for Souvenirs etc – 9 USD
    Total: 95 USD

-Hire a tuktuk to your preferred Hostel for 3$. We stayed at Happy Guesthouse with Address: Street 20, Wat Bo Village, Siem Reap, Cambodia
-Hire a tuktuk from the guesthouse named Say for your Angkor Wat Tour or you can hire the tuktuk who drove you to your guesthouse. The TUKTUK Package is 15USD maximum of 4 pax in 1 tuktuk.

9:30pm- dinner at the restaurant (the restaurant in the guesthouse serves good food already and a bit cheaper than the other restaurants that we tried) or at the night market/ Pub Street, just take a tuktuk for 2-3$/ way.

11pm- sleep early for the early wake up the next morning

What a foodie should try while in Cambodia:
Bai sach chrouk: Pork and rice- served during morning… thinly sliced pork
Fish amok- Fish amok is a fish mousse with fresh coconut milk and kroeung, a type of Khmer curry paste made from lemongrass, turmeric root, garlic, shallots, galangal and fingerroot, or Chinese ginger.
Red tree ants with beef and holy basil -Ants of various sizes, some barely visible and others almost an inch long are stir-fried with ginger, lemongrass, garlic, shallots and thinly sliced beef.
Khmer red curry
Cha houy teuk — jelly dessert – it’s halo2 in the Philippines.. found on the streets of phnom penh for 1,000 riel or .25$
Nom Banh Chok (Khmer Noodles)


October 25 (Tuesday) Day 5 –Siem Reap

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  • 4am- wake up
  • 4:30am- leave Angkor Wat
  • 6am- Sunrise at Angkor wat. – Entrance fee is 20$, 15$ for the tuktuk. OPTIONAL: hire a guide. They roam around the temples wearing white shirt for 5$ each.
  • 7am- breakfast at Angkor Wat (you may ask advice from your TUKTUK driver about the best area to have breakfast)
  • 8am- resume tour:
    2. Wat Arun and surrounding Temple
    3. Bapuon (climb here to have a good view of Angkor complex)
    4.Angkor Thom (Bayon Temple “ Forest Face)
    5. Ta Promh (Tomb Raider scenes)
  • 1:30pm –back to hotel and quick lunch
  • 2pm – transfer to a Resort for a quick staycation from all the traveling:
    We booked ours at Angkor Heart Bungalow (You may search them via Agoda)
Angkor Heart Bungalow

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  • 3pm – We Just stayed at the Bungalow resort the whole afternoon.
  • 7pm- decided to stroll around Pub Street and had our dinner there.

October 26 (Wednesday) Day 6 – Staycation and Travel to Bangkok

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The border
  • 6:30am- wake up call
  • 7am- breakfast at Angkor Heart Bungalow
  • 8am- Nattakan Bus leave to Bangkok. You may ask the hotel staff to drop you off to the Nattakan Bus terminal as they offer free one way drop off (if you’re staying at Angkor Heart BUngalow)
  • 11am- ETA in Thai Border
  • 2pm– leave for BKK (van should be around 300baht/person)
  • 7pm– ETA in Khao San Road (near to temples and Chinatown)
  • 7:30pm- Checked in @ NAT Guesthouse and night strolling at Khaosan Road.
    You may have your first Pad Thai in Khao San Road. However, I would recommend you to try the World’s BEst Pad Thai.

Read more: Thip Samai – A Taste of The World’s Best Pad Thai.

  • 12mn – Lights off

Tips in getting to Thailand:
-There are already few bus and van services lately than ran from Siem Reap to Bangkok directly. If you want to avoid getting scammed, I would urge you to get this type of way. Most of these buses and vans leave from 2am or 8am in the morning. We chose the latter as to give us time to have our breakfast and to enjoy the pool and the resort more.

-You may ask the receptionist to book you a bus from Siem Reap all the way to Bangkok. However, I would advise you to book one online at Nattakan Bus Express. This is there website: https://bookmebus.com/en/nattakan?on_date=07/11/2016

-They offer hassle free service all the way to Bangkok. Though it may be a little bit steep for its price as it cost 28$, but Id say it would be worth to spend an extra bucks than to be scammed and provide mental trauma afterwards.

-Dont be like us that booked one at the hotel because its cheaper (23$) but the experience was terrible. They made us ride a van for 4 hours from Aranyapathet (the Border of Thailand) to Bangkok with broken AC.

Tips while in Thailand:
-Have your USD change to Baht (Thailand Currency) in advance or before going to Thailand as they don’t accept USD unlike in Cambodia. And there are no Money Changer on Site when you will be at the border. There will be people who want to change your USD at a very low exchange rate. From our time it was 1 USD=30 Baht when it is supposed to be 34-35 baht/1USD.
-if the bus will stop at a convenience store, go there and try to ask if they sell a Tourist Sim Card for Data. It will only cost you 299 Baht with 1.5GB good for 7 days. This will be more than enough for you to use your google Map in locating neighboring temple that are in walking distance.
-avoid riding tuktuk at all cost! Except when you will be riding one from Khao San road going to Grand Royal Palace. dont get scammed and don’t let them offer you a free ride as they will bring you to factory outlets and obliged you to buy.


October 27 (Thursday) Day 7 –Shopping day and Temple Run

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Expenses on 1st day in Bangkok:

  • Transfer Expenses from Siem Reap to Bangkok (First Night):
  • Meal allowance during travel from Siem Reap to Bangkok- 150 Baht
  • Dinner at Thip Samai – 200 Baht
  • Hostel for 3 nights – 3,497.99 divided 3 = 1,165.99php or 841 baht
  • Taxi from Hostel to Pratunam Market – 70 Baht divided 3 = 24 baht each
  • Breakfast – 200 baht
  • SHopping Allowance -750 Baht (promise, this is quite enough for me. Not for my friends though)
  • Lunch at McDonald’s – 75 Baht
  • Taxi from Pratunam Market to Hostel -100 Baht
  • Tuktuk fare from Khao San Road to Royal Palace – 6o Baht divided by 3 = 20 baht each
  • Tuktuk fare from Royal Palace back to Khaosan Road – 6o Baht divided by 3 = 20 baht each
  • ROuntrip fare to Wat Arun vis Chao Phraya River boat – 10 baht
  • Dinner at Khaosan Road Street food- 100 baht
    Total” 2,510 baht or roughly 72 USD or roughly 3480php

-I had my 120 USD change to Baht which was enough for my 3 day trip in Bangkok and Kanchanaburi, excluding the Hostel accomodation. Anyway, I’ll just have our expenses break it down for you.


  • 9am-wake up
    10am- It’s a Shopping day for 2 of my friends. ANd we Decided to head to Partunam Market which offer a immeasurable garment selection. You may have breakfast and lunch in the area.
  • 2:30pm- Back to the Hostel
  • 3pm -Grand Palace –entrance 500 baht, —just 15 minutes walk from Khao San Road or take the tuktuk for 60 baht max! There are few good tuktuk drivers out there, just haggle your way down  to 60 baht max!

(Note: be sure to get to the Grand palace before 3:30pm, as the palace will close at 3:30pm. Wear appropriate attire. No shorts, no slippers, no sleeveless policy)

  • 4:30 – Wat Pho (reclining Buddha) –entrance 100 baht/person Location: Sanam Chai Road and Maharaj Road next to Grand Royal Palace.
  • 5:30pm- Wat Arun – just across Grand Palace,go the ferry station along Chao Phraya River– take the Chang Ferry Station just beside Grand Palace,- then ride a smaller boat to the other side— > Chao Phrayat (A FERRY STATION near Wat Arun) Use your google Map to locate this.
  • 6pm- back in Grand Palace Area
  • 7pm- stroll along khao san Road again and back to Nat Guesthouse]

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October 28 (Friday) Day 8 – Kanchanaburi

Read more: Backpacking 3 Days in Thailand 

One of the oldest railway in Thailand that connect Burma (Myanmar)

Day 2 Expenses ( Kanchanaburi):

  • Breakfast at Burger King – 100 baht
  • Kanchanaburi Day tour package – 800 baht
  • train ride -150 baht
  • museum -40 baht
  • food allowance -200 baht
  • dinner -200 baht
    total: 1,490 baht or 2,065 php or 43 USD

For this day, we just booked a tour to Kanchanaburi in a local travel agency just across our hostel. We paid 800 baht each with a following inclusion:
-round trip van transfer from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi
-Elephant Ride fee
-Bamboo Rafting admission fee

Sai Yok Noi Waterfall

Our detailed itinerary was:

  • 7am-Pick up tourist from various point
  • 7:30am- Departure from Bangkok to River Kwai (2 hour ride)
  • 9:15am- arrived at River Kwai and visit to Cemetery of the Allied Prisoner of the World War II
  • 10am – visit the Jeat Museum (entrance fee is not included in the package which is 40 Baht. For me, the museum was not worth it. You may skip it and go directly to the bridge area for some photo op and shop at the locals where they sell some silver jewelry as well as some semi precious stone jewelry at a very cheap price)
  • 10:30am- visit the bridge over the river Kwai
  • 11am – leave the bridge to got to the train station (Train ticket is not included also in this tour which costs 100 baht for regular ride and 150 baht for VIP ride. The VIP ride lets you board in front of the train with free drinks and a certificate that you have ride the train. We opted to take the latter)
  • 11:45am- leaving from the train station and traveling by train and see along the Death Railway ( the most dangerous curving bridge which was built of wooden log along the mountainside constructed by the allied prisoners of the second world war)
  • 1pm- Lunch at a local Thai Restaurant with unlimited rice (drinks will be on personal account)
  • 1:40pm- transfer to elephant ride and bamboo rafting (FREE)
  • 3PM- arrive at Sai Yok Noi Waterfall. This waterfall is actually bigger than how it looks in the picture. (while you are here, do drop by at the stall beside the waterfall where they sell very delicious root crop chips for only 100baht/5 packs.!)
  • 3:40pm- depart to Bangkok
  • 7pm- arrive in Bangkok (khaosan Road area only)

After our tour ended we went back to the hotel to rest and freshen up, then head to Khaosan Road again for some food trip. However, you may also opt to go to Silom Road to experience The Notorious Live Shows. Unfortunately, we did not go there as the local told us that the area was closed due to the King’s death. Next time, I will definitely include this on the list. Hahahaha

October 29 (Saturday) Day 9 – Depart to PH  — Bangkok (Don Mueng Airport) to Cebu (Point of exit)

It was one fun travel after all. #bittersweetgoodbye

Our Expenses:

  • Breakfast -100 Baht
  • Taxi to Airport – 150 baht each
  • Food allowance inside AIrport – 250 Baht
    Total: 500 baht or 15 USD or 700php

Bangkok (Don Mueng Airport) to Singapore: departure @ 3pm- Arrival @ 8pm
Layover in Singapore for 16 Hours
Singapore to cebu: departure @ 10:50am- arrival @ 2:30pm

Our initial Plan was to visit Chatukchak Weekend Market before heading to the airport for a last minute shopping and foodtrip. However, we heard that there is going to be a ceremony of the King’s death that might lead to lots of road closure and traffic. Afraid that we might miss the flight because of the traffic, we decided to just stroll along the area a bit and by 9am, we hopped on a taxi going to the airport and kill the time there before departing.

You have a long lay over in Singapore, if you have friends living or working in Singapore, I would advice you to contact them in advance to give you a quick tour or have dinner or even ask them if they could accommodate you to let you stay in there apartment. If not, then you may follow above itinerary.

Singapore Allowance – 50 SGD Each

If you will be following the above itinerary, take note that the flight from Singapore to Cebu will be at 10am so you need to be early. What we did is that, we made our early check in for a checked in luggage, and left our hand carry stuffs at the luggage storage counter located just at the 1st floor of Terminal 2. You may ask the Information center for its location. Storage fee is 3.5SGD for every luggage not more then 10 kilos. After we left our luggage,we went down to the train station and head to Clark Quey to have dinner, chill and stroll along the river before heading back to the airport by taxi around 3am. when we arrived back to the airport, we got our stuff at the storage and got inside the immigration, took a nap for a bit and after which we boarded our plane back to Cebu.

I have provided all the necessary stories and information in order for you to avoid getting scammed or getting ripped off. Getting into this kind of situation is fairly common in countries like this but this is but one small factor that hinders you to visit these places and enjoy it! I also provided some tips on how you could maximize your time in each places.

It was one the most tiring trip I had so far in my entire life. But, for those who are still able, I would recommend you to do this experience atleast once in your life while youre still young. The experience was mind broadening. And it is best shared with your closest friends! Extra fun!



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